54 m3 Hardox Scrap Trailer from Arslan


Arslan Damper will provide a big advantage to its customers with 54 m3 new generation  Hardox Scrap Trailer developed for the scrap industry. The name of new model is ARS 10000.

ARS 10000, the new model scarp trailer developed in Arslan Tipper facilities located in Aliaga Organized Industrial Zone gets big attention.  ARS 10000, developed by the Arslan Damper engineers, weights 2-3 tonnes lighter than the classic scarp trailers. Moreover, it is suprisingly well ahead against the traditional scrap trailers in strength and volume sizes. Traditional scrap trailers weight 13 tonnes and have a 40 m3 avarage volume capacity. The new generation scrap trailer developed by Arslan Damper weights 11 tonnes and has 54 m3 volume.

We responded the demands of the scrap industry.

The director of the ARS 10000 project and the production manager of Arslan Damper Mr. Haldun Türkoğlu said about their new model, “ The scrap industry is developed in our factory region. We have chance to follow the needs of the industry through our corporate customers. We achieved to develope ARS 10000 by the feed-backs from our customers.  ARS 10000 extremely complies the needs as design and strength. The upper part of the tipper is made of SSAB make, HARDOX 450 steel sheet. After the strength calculations,  by coursety of special twist on the trailer body, we make the upper box more resistant and more though against impacts.

We used the solid plates that make up the body. This gives us the advantage of making the top profiles from the wear plate. If we think that the most impact area is the top profiles, you may find how advantageous to make this part from wear sheet. We angled the front box of body 50 cm. Our goal is to increase the the strength of the body bymanufacturing the front cover from solid wear sheet and also to give an aesthetically design. And I think we achieved this. We manufactured the tailgate from solid wear sheet in the same way. The back cover is strength by special reinforcements.

If we generally mention about ARS10000, the inner length is from the floor: 9750 mm., from the top:10250 mm., inner height: 2400 mm. and inner width:2250 mm. so the volume is 54 m3. There are two hydraulic lifting in the body. The front lift has five stages and the middle stage has seven stages to do a safe and balanced unloading. On the chassis we put heavy duty brake drum axles and use 8 mm. steel sheet. In addition to the aesthetic appearance we have added functional applications which is very useful for the end-user. Hydraulic locking tailgate and additional ladder on the tailgate. After a long-running project phase we tested in the field and the ARS 10000 have received positive reviews. I think we respond to the demands of scrap sector.

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