Service Team Contact

How can I contact with the After Sales Service Support Team?

You can contact with the after sales service support team on weekdays during office hours (08:15-18:15)

The authorized person:

Mr. Levent OZBEK

Export After Sales Manager

Tel: +90 232 621 51 01 ext:133

Fax: +90 232 621 51 06

Mobile: +90 545 717 92 37

e-mail: l.ozbek@arslandamper.com.tr

Is it necessary to ask for a service appointment?

You should ask for an appointment in order to get service. Our after sales team will inform you about the appointment time.

Do you have Help Desk Service?

Yes, we do have Help-Desk service. You can contact with the below authorized service person.

Mr. Levent OZBEK

Export After Sales Manager

Tel: +90 232 621 51 01 ext:133

Fax: +90 232 621 51 06

Mobile: +90 545 717 92 37

e-mail: l.ozbek@arslandamper.com.tr

Does the service records held? Can I reach the service records?

All the service records held in our ERP system in chassis and customer basis. All visual records of the service operations are held in our system.

How do you decide the after sales service is under the guarantee or surcharged?

Arslan Damper expert team is made up a principle to keep the customer satisfaction on top level with its 30 years experience. During this process, Arslan Damper is trying to make the most accurate decision by investigating every small detail of every claim. All the problems except the users and usage fault are identified and the customer satisfaction is provided under guarantee of Arslan Damper.

How our demands of spare parts are being met?

First we require the pictures of the defective parts. After determining the reason of defect we get in touch with the manufacturer of the spare part. The manufacturer of the parts reffers the service first or send you the part.

The parts supplier should require the parts to be send in order to determine that the part will be changed under the guarantee or not.

The suppliers can invite you to the service.

Arslan Damper is obliged to follow the process of the spare parts demand except the manufacturing defects process on behalf of not to victimize the customers.

My guarantee period is expired, can I demand spare part?

You can demand spare parts after your guarantee period is expired by fee-paid.

Do you give service support on-site?

We provide service support on-site with our skilled personnel or we refer the authoirized service of the part manufacturer. Apart from that, we charged the after sales service on-site.

Can I buy spare parts?

f we do have sufficient quantities in our stock, we do sell spare part.

Can I get service for an another brand?

We provide service to other brand unless our service area is available.

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  • Tel: +90.232.621.51.01
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