Hook-Lift Trailer


Hook - lift:

Capacity                     :  25 tonnes loading unloading
Unloading angle         : 45-50 degrees

Hook-lift boom
Boom              : 14 mm. thickness ST52 steel sheet
Boom arm      : 14 mm thickness ST52 steel sheet
Boom storage : 14 mm. thickness ST52 steel sheet
Boom height   : 1540 mm.

Rear Rollers:
The material: G 550 steel casting

Hook-Lift Hydraulic System:
Hydraulic cylinder: 180x220/ 2 pieces lifting cylinder, 120x140 1 piece süröme cylinder (ST52 cold-drawn)
Oil tank: 110 lt.
Total oil capacity: 230 lt.
Max. Pressure: 330 bars
Hydraulic pump: Hidromas make / 85 lt. axis pump
PTO: Orginal vehicle PTO will be mounted.

Operating system:
Manual and remote control

Locking mechanism:
Hydraulic lock locks the container chassis to hook-lift chassis.

3x12 tonnes capacity.
There are brake shoes and heavy brake levers.
Dual lifting axles.

Parabolic double deck Z springs.,

Tyres and Rims:
385/65 R22,5 tyres 6+1
11,75 x 22,5 rims 6+1

Twin-line airbrake system compliance with EEC 98/12 standards.
EBS (2S/2M sensor)
Roll Stability Support (RSS) against rolling of the trailer.
4 spring brake chambers and 2 service brake chambers.

Electrics and lightning:
Compliance with SAE standards and TÜV regulations.
Electricity is provided by 15 pin socket compliance with EEC 97/28 or 2x7 pin socket compliance with ISO 12098.
Brake lights, number plate lights, yellow side lights, the fuses mounted in the fusebox.

Before the painting, the body is washed with special chemicals to purify the waste materials and cleaned by sand blasting method.
After the pasting on the necessary  surfaces of the body, the two-coat epoxy primer and two-coat water-based paint is applicated on the body.
All painting applications are made in the painting cabin.

Standard Accessories:
Mud guards above the rear axles. (plastic or steel)
Mud flaps with Arslan Damper logo
Tool box (plastic)
Plastic saddle.
Spare tyre conveyor.
Water tank
Tonnage device.
Side bars

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